​​​      REQUIRED OPERATIONAL APPS  ---   (AERODATA 2.0.9)    (FD Pro X 4.5.2)    (HOTs 2.4.2)    (JETCRW 2.1.2)    (Comply365 6.1.0)             OTHER--- (IOS 16.2.0)   (WSI 2022.1.0)

Rainmaker Login

In most cases, Option 2 below is best to use.

If you are using a crewroom installed computer, and already on the JB Network, use Option 1. (This option may be unavailable)

If you are not on the JetBlue Network and using any internet connection including JB Mobile, and you want to connect to Rainmaker  you should use Option 2, and log into Verizon Enhanced Authentication.  This is the best option for a personal computer or company  iPad.