​​​      REQUIRED OPERATIONAL APPS  ---   (AERODATA 2.0.9)    (FD Pro X 4.5.2)    (HOTs 2.4.2)    (JETCRW 2.1.2)    (Comply365 6.1.0)             OTHER--- (IOS 16.2.0)   (WSI 2022.1.0)

(Option 2 still connects to old BlueEye, UFN) To View Flight Releases thru BlueConnect, use old BlueEye until links are updated.


If you are not on the JetBlue Network or using JB Mobile, and you want to connect to BlueEye and view flight releases, you should use Option 2, and log into Verizon Enhanced Authentication.  This is still using the old BlueEye.

BlueEye Login