iPad FAQs

Common iPad Q & A s

Question: Is there a way to add notes such as reporting points and freqs, to the JeppFD Pro Enroute view?
Answer: Currently the enroute view has no annotation or highlighting tools, but this is one of our most requested features.  We hope Jepp will add this feature
soon.  In the mean time, there is a way you can add some notations by adding user waypoints, then naming it with your note.
Just long press anywhere, enter a short note as the waypoint name, and click DONE. 

If you want to mark your compulsory waypoints using this method, just long press next to the fix, not on top of it.

You can also add a fix 40 south of OKONU, for example, buy using the distance ring tool to measure it.
In the example below, I added a MIA Ctr Freq at ELMUC, two compulsory reporting point reminders,  and a fix/Freq to call NY south of OKONU.

Question:  What is the quickest way to find a fix or waypoint in JeppFD Pro?

Answer: In the Enroute View, use the SEARCH tool at the top.   In the example below, you have searched for BOTON intersection.   If the WAYPOINTS tool is ON, the associated holding pattern will also display.

Question:  If center forgets to hand me off to the next sector, what
                 is the best way to find the proper ARTCC frequency that
                 I should be on ? 

The enroute ARTCC freqs are now in database form.
In JeppFd Pro, open the ENROUTE VIEW.   Zoom in a little, to your estimated location.
Display AIRPORTS by selecting the top button on.,  and Airspace by selecting the third button up from the bottom.
By comparing this with your aircraft nav display, you can see your rough location.
Now long press on any of the airspace borders around you, choose the airspace you are interested in, and select COMMUNICATIONS.    At least two freqs will be displayed.   Call either of those, and center will direct you to the proper freq for your location.   You can click MORE to see additional ARTCC freqs in use in that area.

Question:  My company iPad keeps asking for my Apple ID, or
                 wants me to sign in to iTunes.  Why?

Your iPad must be logged in to Apple.  If not, it will ask you to.

Look in the iPad settings.
On the list of settings to the left … 
Go to ITUNES & APP STORE > At the top of the next screen, is your Apple ID Displayed?
Tap your Apple ID.   Before the next step, be sure you know your Apple ID and PW.
Now Tap Sign Out.   Now log back in.   This should resolve this issue for you.

Question:   Sometimes I see a Jepp chart date, that might be two days in the future.
                  Why does my iPad display a future chart, with no choice of another chart?
                   Is this chart legal to use?


Quick Answer:   You may see this situation with issue dates, but not EFFECTIVE dates.   The issue date, is simply when the chart was created and mailed out, or made available electronically.  It has nothing to do with the chart data.  The Jepp software doesn't even look at that date when displaying the chart.  Now, if there is an EFF date, shown, that date is considered.  In some cases you may be given a choice, and it will be highlighted with amber flags.   The new EFF chart becomes active at 0901 UTC on the EFF date shown.

So, yes you can use it, and it is valid, prior to the issue date, but never use a chart prior to the EFF date.

Question: I recently updated my JeppFd Pro database, and now I
                have no charts available.   What Happened?

This happens when the update was corrupted somehow during download.
To fix, go to the Ipad setting and find FDPro on the list.
SlideDeactivate‘ to green.
Go back to the FDPro and proceed with the deactivation.
The prompt to active will follow that. Accept, and redownload the updates.
Allow the update to proceed uninterrupted. Avoid muliti-tasking while the update is in progress.
You will then have a proper set of charts.

Question:   What is the Subscriber ID for MyMobile365 ?
                   I had to re-install it, but lost that information.


The Subscriber ID is: ................    19CDBD
Domain: ..................................    JETBLUE    

Question:   What is the difference between the App 
                   Catalog and the Apple App Store?​

        Apple App Store

This is the place where you can purchase or install free Apps and games, etc..   They are charged to your Apple account, and are not distributed by JetBlue. Remember, if you are ever required to do a complete reset of your iPad, you will begin the first download of Airwatch from the Apple App Store.​​​​​

DO NOT download JeppFD Pro from the Apple App Store.  It has the same name, looks much the same, but it will not register.   The version available in the App Catalog is our FAA approved version.


​              App Catalog

​ ​Apps that are loaded and required to be functioning as part of your Electronic Flight Bag (EFB). Most of these are not available on the normal Apple App Store, or are versions of an App that were created for JetBlue. It is important to be aware of which Apps are available in the App Catalog. A good example is JeppFDPro.   This is available in the Apple App Store and in the App Catalog. (Only use the version in the App Catalog.  The Apple App Store Version is different and will not register or download your subscription) This tool gives you a quick way to reinstall a required App.  You must be online. If you are missing a required App, or it is malfunctioning and you wish to reinstall it, look here first. Be sure you have the detailed install instructions handy, for that App. If an update was not pushed to your device, you can also use this tool to manually install the update.

Question: How can I be sure I can stay logged to in to
                 Comply365 at times, such as after landing? 

During your approach briefing it is important to view the destination ABG.  When you log in, move the slider to "Keep me Logged in". You will now stay logged in for a few hours, so when you open Comply365 after landing if required, you can view documents very quickly.

Question: My iPad seems to get slow and laggy sometimes. 
                  Is there something wrong with it?

Like any electronic device, your iPad and the running Apps need a fresh start on occasion.
You can close Apps by double clicking the Home button, and swiping up any running Apps.
Then you can shutdown the iPad by holding the power button that is located opposite the Home button,
and moving the red slider to the right. To turn it back on, hold down the power button for a few seconds.

Question: My iPad battery seems to go dead more
                 quickly than when it was new. 
                 What might be causing this?

Screen brightness is the number one cause of quick battery drainage.    At night this isn't a problem, but during the day we tend to turn it to full bright, even if it's not required.   Try a lower setting.    Apps that use "location services" can also drain the battery.   Your iPad has a built-in GPS, which does use quite a bit of battery power.   Go to SETTINGS > PRIVACY > LOCATION SERVICES, and turn off location in Apps that have no need for it.
It is permissable to use an external power pack, but you cannot charge the power pack on the aircraft.

Question: What is the best way to set up JeppFD Pro 
                  before departure and Arrival?


The answer to this question will be determined by published SOPs,  but here are a few basic steps to get started.
Be sure your chart database is up to date.
Launch JeppFD Pro
Start at the top left, and work your way down
Enroute Button --- Tap the down arrow (Center Top) 
Tap the blue "New Flight" button to clear out the prior flight.
Enter the Departure, Destination and Alternate airports
Using the AREQ Email function, (AREQ FLTSUM xxxx) you can have the flt plan emailed to you, then paste in the routing in the large block to the right.
Next button down is "Airports"   Tap that.
Select the Departure airport
Continue down the left side to TAXI.
Enter Check marks next to any ground based charts you may need.
Enter a check next to any SID you might expect.
You can now use a two finger swipe to move between selected charts.
Do the same for landing, keeping in mind your approach briefing.  Include all the "Airport Info" charts
Remember to place a check next to the parallel runway, should you have to quickly "sidestep".


​​Question:      I have 2 questions ...    
                     Am I approved to use my Bluetooth 
                     portable GPS device during taxi to help
                     JeppFd Pro locate my position?

                     And, why does our version of Jepp FD Pro
                     not display your position on the Approach
                     Chart?    I know that feature is available.  

​Use of any portable electronic device (PED) in the cockpit is governed by the FOM.   
Please refer to this document for your answer, as this subject is constantly changing. 
You can easily find this topic by going to the MASTER INDEX > PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES.
Currently the policy is that, other than the issued iPads, wireless devices may not be used by the crew while in flight below 10,000 feet.
Use by customers and crewmembers is discussed there. 
Be sure to view any updated Info Notices on this subject.



Question: How do I print a document from MyMobile365?

All documents are located on the Comply365 website.  

You can login to this site using your home / crewroom computer with your normal ID and PW.    Select MY Publications and navigate to your document as needed.  To the right of each document is a red PDF logo.   Click that to view and/or print. 
Printers are now installed in the crewrooms to allow printing from your iPad, but your App must have a print function.
See the local instructions posted near each printer.

Question: I want to buy a home printer that will easily
                 print from my iPad.
                 Any Suggestions?

Any printer that is "AIR PRINT CAPABLE", will easily print from your iPad, if the App has a print function.
Other WIFI printers will work too, but the AIR PRINT tool has proven to be the most reliable, with no setup required.
Click here for a list of Air Printers listed on the Apple Store.


Question: Sometimes when I view an ABG page
                 in myMobile365, the screen turns black.  
                 Why does it do that?

​ As with any computer or iPad software, there are conflicts with each other at times as the software attempts to share memory.  The bug has been communcated to the Comply365 team.   If you get the black screen, just double tap the iPad Home button, and swipe up the myMobile365 App to close it.   When you relaunch, the problem should be resolved.​
The next version of MyMobile365 should have this issue resolved.
In testing it has not been duplicated.

Question:   What is the best way to view Class B Airspace
                    in JeppFD Pro?

The best way to view Class B Airspace is via the ENROUTE view, select LOW charts.    A good example is LAX.   If you zoom into the LAX area, it is quite cluttered, so turn off everything except Airports, Terrain, and Airspace (Use the buttons on the right to deselect displayed features), the Class B is clearly visible.
Now zoom in or out to see the altitudes for each sector.   You can sometimes tap the notes button (bottom, left) for more information about this airspace.  If you have a GPS signal, you can monitor your position in relation to this airspace.
Again, anytime you view the enroute view, the ZOOM level is important.
In the example below it is clear that LGB is below the Class B airspace.   When you depart and turn to the south, you are below the Class B until 8000'.   A turn to the north will have you below the Class B until 5000'.
You can also see that approaching BUR from the north via the LYNXX arrival, you will be clear of all Class B. 
This info is helpful on departure as LAX ATC likes you to accel to 250K ASAP, which you can do as soon as you are no longer below the Class B.
It is also located in the ABG for many stations.


Question:   What is the best way to reset my Jetblue password? 

​It is important to understand, that your iPad does not have a password., only a screen unlock PASSCODE.  
The installed Apps each have their own Password requirements.


Since the laptops are no longer required equipment, the password reset procedure is different.
You can now just change it via your iPad with the PASSWORD RESET button available using any internet connection.   Then, change it on your other mobile devices.
You might consider doing this on your own timeline, maybe the first of every other month.
MyMobile365, will then prompt you for your user name and PW during the next time you use it online.
The password must be changed every 90 days.
If you use the Web version of MS Outlook, you will still see the PW reminder, and you can reset it then by clicking YES.
Your email App will require the Password to be changed as well.


Question:   I have heard you cannot submit an FCIR
                  or other forms on the iPad, is that true?

No this in not true.   A new App is now available on your iPad to submit FCIR reports.
AQD Reports.  Just launch the App, use your normal JB login, click the little "+" in the
bottom left to select the type of report you woud like to submit.


Question:  I have tried to register Jepp FD Pro, but it
                 keeps failing.    I may have accidently
                 downloaded it from the Apple App Store.
                 How can I tell which version I have?


If you have any doubt about which version you have, the best method is to un-install it and re-install from the App Catalog.   
Another easy way to tell is by looking at the Button/Icon you use to launch it. It should have JETBLUE on the bottom, as indicated below.  
If it does not, you have a version from the Apple App Store, which is not approved, and will not register.
You can now activate your JeppPD App, with the tool available in the App catalog. 
A registration email link is no longer required.


Question:  Jepp FD Pro sometimes during cruise will
                 just switch to a Taxi Chart on it's own.
                 Why does it do that?  Is there a problem
                 with the software?


Jepp FD Pro has a feature that will allow it to automatically switch to the Taxi Chart after landing based on the groundspeed
you have selected in your iPad SETTINGS.  As low as 30k, and as high as 80k.
This is a good feature, only if you have a reliable GPS signal.
Your iPad has a built-in GPS, but due to our heated windshields, the GPS signal is weak and irratic.
This weak signal will at times indicate a groundspeed below the threshold you selected, and trigger the Taxi Chart.
This feature can be turned off via the FD Pro settings tool in the upper right corner of the screen. 


Question:  When I try to update or re-install an App
                  from the App Catalog, I just see this screen 
                  and nothing else happens.   Whats up with that?

​When you see this, and the App does not update or re-install, there was a problem during the initial setup of your iPad, or a required profile may have been deleted or corrupt.  This can happen if your WIFI signal was interrupted during that setup.
Unfortunatly, at this time, you will require a full reset of your iPad.
The Air Watch and App Catalog profiles are probably not installed properly, and a reset of your iPad will rebuild the profiles.
Before you complete the reset, be sure to have your Apple ID & Password, as well as the full list of setup of instructions.
Please be sure you have a strong WIFI signal for this procedure.  
While a complete reset of a mobile device can be time consuming, pilots have reported afterwards that the device operates much better with a fresh install of all the company required Apps.

To Wipe your iPad:

( Use Caution .... this will set your iPad back to the factory setup )

Question:   I have forgotten my Apple ID and Password.
                    Is there a way to find it and reset my password?     

Click here to find your Apple ID, Create a new ID, or reset your Apple Password.


Question:   I cannot add an Alert in FLICA .... Why not?

To add an Alert in FLICA,  "Pop-Ups" must be allowed in the iPad Safari settings.

 Settings>Safari> (Block Pop-Ups should be off)

Question: How can I stop my iPad from going to sleep
                 right in the middle of an instrument Approach? 

Settings > JeppFd-Pro > Disable Sleep Mode

Question: What do these little flags with the number 2 mean in JeppFd-Pro
                 when I am selecting a chart?

These indicate that more than one copy of this procedure is available.
In this example, a new PENNS2 chart is effective Feb 6th.   Tap the amber ribbon to view.


Question: When using JeppFd-Pro, is there a way to store all my airports
                 that I will be flying into before I start this 4 day trip? 
                 I hate entering the Dep & Arrival airport each leg !!!


JeppFd-Pro does not really have a "Favorites" tool, but there is a way to enter all your Blue Cities for this trip.

Tap the "Enroute Button", upper left.
Tap the down arrow to open up the dropdown screen.
Leave the Origin and Destination fields Blank.
Enter all your Blue Cities in the Alternate section.  (KJFK KFLL KBOS, etc)
Optional .... Click Save

Tap Done.   Close the Keyboard (Button on bottom right)

Tap the Airplane button (Upper left), then the Airports button just below it.

All your cities are now displayed under Alternates.
Remember you will wipe these out if you click NEW FLIGHT on the enroute page.
That's why you clicked SAVE, earlier.
If you have a WIFI signal, tap the WX button while on the airports page to see the METAR/TAF for your entire trip.
Not exactly how it was designed to be used, but it's a cool trick.


​​​      REQUIRED OPERATIONAL APPS  ---   (AERODATA 2.0.9)    (FD Pro X 4.5.2)    (HOTs 2.4.2)    (JETCRW 2.1.2)    (Comply365 6.1.0)             OTHER--- (IOS 16.2.0)   (WSI 2022.1.0)