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 June 1 -  SOP Changes

Important note about the new SOP changes.

Some items have been moved from the PowerUp and Recieving checklists, to the pilot flows.

It is critical that on June 1, you know the new flows, and use them so no pre-flight items are ommitted.

Some of these items include: RCDR GND CTL On, CVR Test, BAT Test, O2 Test, Brake System Test.

 In addition, the Cockpit Door Lock System test which is in the receiving checklist, can now be accomplished by the FO. Prior to these changes, only the CA did this test .

First Officers should review this procedure.

Hint --  Step 1 is to test the annunciator lights.

Always please refer to your FCOM for

official Information.  


Current SOPs

LOGON / NOTIFICATION during the cockpit setup or approaching WATRS airspace just tells ATC that you are CPDLC equipped, and you are ready to get your clearance.

CPDLC Lesson 3 - Bermuda

Remember, CPDLC will LOGOFF when approaching new airspace, and direct you to contact them on the proper VHF Freq.

When passing thru the Bermuda airspace, it will LOGOFF when using L459 or L461. 

Since your flight will continue on an oceanic clearance past the Bermuda airspace, remember to LOGON again to KZWY.  Typically, you can wait a few minutes after LOGOFF, and LOGIN again.

  Just keep an eye on your little DCU screens. You should always either be in direct VHF contact with a facility, or have an ACTIVE ATC Connection displayed.

Also, remember an HF and SELCAL check is still required for the moment prior to entering WATRS.


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