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After 18 years of what I have hoped has been a helpful additional resource to help you prepare for your trips, I have sadly decided to end BlueBrief at the end of 2023.

The primary reason is my pending retirement.

As you know BlueBrief has content that must remain current and approved by the company, IT, and sometimes with the FAA.  After retirement, it would be difficult to keep this content current and fresh.

If there are any links that you would like to keep, please save them prior to December 31.

I would like to thank former VP of FLT Ops Sandy Sandoval, and then System Chief Pilot Craig Sandman, as well as Chuck Cook for their early support of this site. They arranged for funding of my expenses and time spent updating the pages throughout the year.

I would also like to thank you for all your kind comments and suggestions.

It has been a joy and honor to provide this little tool for my fellow pilots and maybe a little help I could offer during my time in Flight Standards.

Thank you !!!

Respectfully Submitted,

Craig Pinto


​​​​​The Blue Pilot Fund

Blue Pilot Fund members, please be sure to update your contact information with a current email address that is NOT your Jetblue email address.  There is an issue with our emails not being delivered to company email addresses.  Many members have not been receiving our communications or information due to this issue.
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I hope you find this information helpful. 

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Feel free to contact me with any other topics you would like to see discussed here on BlueBrief.

BlueBrief on Mobile

If you view BlueBrief on a small mobile device it is best to use the Chrome Browser.  The stock Android browser and sometimes iPhone Safari, will not properly format the screens, etc.

Safari on the iPad seems to work just fine.​​

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Your FOM, FCOM, NOTAMS, etc - Always have priority over BlueBrief info.