48 Hour Forecast

12 Hour Forecast

    (AERODATA 1.5.1)      (JeppFD 2.9.1)     (MyMobile365 2.8.1)     (IOS 10.1.1)    (Airwatch 5.3.1)      (AQD 2.3.1)      (WSI 2.10.3)      (JETCRW 1.2.0)

36 Hour Forecast

24 Hour Forecast


The info below is for general knowledge purposes only. Your FCOM/FOM always has priority.

The main trigger for pilots to remember is to start the  APU as close to D-:20 as possible, and when the cockpit door closes, finish Aerodata, below the line flow/checklist, Beacon On.

Most everything else will fall into place over time as crewmembers become comfortable with the new process.

New Flight Close Out Countdown
Begins December 1

D - :45 ---- InFlight Brief                          

D - :40 ---- Cockpit Prep                           

D - :35 ---- Boarding Begins                       

D - :25 ---- Clnc, Brief, Before Start to Line
 D - :20 ---- Start APU, GO Calls, Disc Air     
 D - :10 ---- GO Calls                                   
           Bags, Water/Waste, Ext Pwr

AO Close Out ------------ Pax Count, FFD, Etc

Inflt #1  Closes Cockpit Door            
      Cabin Door Closes               
Inflight Compliance Check   

Pilots Complete Aerodata Process
Perf Uplinked or Inserted
Printout Verified 

Before Start Below the Line Flow
Below the Line Checklist

Beacon On
(No longer on Checklist)
(Triggers a call from GO)

"Walkaround Complete"
"Cleared to Release Pk Brake"
(Do Not Release it yet)

Inflight Calls Via InterPhone

Standard Call  "Cabin is ...... "

Captain Reply "Ready to ..."

By D - :00   (Departure Time)

FO --------------------- Calls to Push    
GND / Ramp --------  Cleared to Push

Captain -- Releases Pk Brake             
"Cleared to Push"

Normal Start - No Changes

"Good Start Engine 1/2"

Do not Touch any controls until
WAVE Off & Good Engine Start(s)

Captain -- " WAVE OFF "        

Captain-- "Flaps ___" (1,2,etc)

Triggers F/O to call for Taxi

(Bold / Blue Items are Exact Required Calls)

See the DRAFT version of FCOM 1
for more expanded information on this
and the other new Approach Preps.

No other Close Out Changes.

Other changes will be in -- March 2017


Feel free to contact me with any other topics
you would like to see discussed here on

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