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Thanks for all the emails about the last picture.  That was in fact an A321 Flap, at the full position.   Remember full flaps on the 321 is 25 degrees, as shown by the markings printed on top of each flap.  If you have multiple faults, and are in doubt about the flap position, just walk back and look out the window.

Reporting Points

The next topic is Compulsory Reporting Points.  Remember in non-radar areas such as the WATRS airspace, we are required to report any fix that defines our route. We tend to rely on solid and open triangles, as well as ball notes too much, while forgetting the basic rules.  Those 3 three items apply primarily when you are cleared on an airway.

If your clearance is direct to a fix in non-radar, then that point is compulsory, regardless of the color of the triangle or what the ball note says.
When determining your reporting points, it is critical to look at your clearance and filed routing, not just the course line in the Jepp Map.

If the routing above was cleared as written  below, and not considering the ball notes, what are your required reporting points in these two difference clearances?





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