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A320 Systems Question of the Week

So, you are cruising along in flight, and out of the corner of your eye, you see the IR "ON BAT" light come on.  Due to your keen system knowledge and also by your ability to read the wording on the light, you know at least one IR is being powered by the Bat. The question of the week is, how can you tell which one it is? 1,2, or 3?  This assumes you have no other indications of a failure.

Answer: After 5 minutes, the IR that was battery powered will shut off to lessen battery drain, unless it was being used by the Captain. In normal conditions, IR 2 or 3 will shut off. If the Capt is using IR 3, then it will remain on, even after 5 minutes.

For extra Credit:  Why does a loud horn come on when an IR is on BAT?

Answer: The horn comes on because not only is the IR "ON BAT", but it also has lost power to the cooling fan. The horn is a reminder to shut off the IR until normal power is regained.


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