JFK RNP 13L Update

Disclaimer: This is just a heads up on what is going on, and not an approval for anything.

On July 13th a new JeppPro data update was available which will include a revised JFK RNP 13L.  This Approach will have an effective date of July 19, to sync up with the Nav Database update.  After 0901Z on July 19th, if JeppPro Data has actually been updated with the new chart, and the company NOTAM has been removed, we should be approved for the JFK RNP 13L.

Please be sure all Jepp data updates are current, so the proper approach will appear after July 19th.

ATC will be advised by our Navigation team when this approach is again approved.

As always, monitor your NOTAMS and communications from Flight Standards for the final word on this issue.


July Vectors Quarterly Newsletter

The July issue of Vectors, the quarterly Flight Standards Newletter, is now available in Comply365.  You can find it under "documents waited to be viewed", or if you already tagged it as viewed, but you really didn't read it all, you can find it under --
Collections > FLT Ops > Communications

This issue includes more on Method 2 Terrain Planning, Service Bulletins vs ADs, AQD eReports, New Alternate Brake System, Oceanic Weather Deviations, Late Descent Clearance, Vision, CB Trips, Safety, and quiz for the Airbus.


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