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>>> Flight Standards Reminders <<<

"80 KNOTS"

Remember our "80 Knots, Power Set" call is primarily an early airspeed check.  ​

The Pilot Monitoring is simply saying, "I see 80 knots, and by the way, your power is set as well"

The Pilot Flying replies with "Checked", if they see 80 knots, also.  It is important to really look at the airspeed when you say "Checked". 

There is no requirement for the PF to take their eyes off the centerline, and look at the thrust setting. The PM just did that for you.

​"1000 Stable, On Tower"

Remember this call is based on Baro Altitude at 1000' above TDZE.  On many coastal airports this is at 1020' Baro.

Please do not use 1000' Radar Altitude, or just repeating the Auto Callout.


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