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    (AERODATA 1.8.7)  (FD Pro X 4.2.1)  (Comply365 4.2.3)  (IOS 13.7.0)  (Intell Hub 20.05.1)  (AQD 2.4.10)  (WSI 2020.1.2)  (JETCRW 1.7.5)  (HOT 2.0.3)  Portable GPS - Garmin GLO, Bad Elf 2200/2300

24 Hour Forecast

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SOP Reminder

A320/321 Captains, remember as you enter the ramp area and are approaching the gate, take a quick glance down at your Yellow Triple Gage.

Is the Accumulator indication in the green arc?

If it isn't, do you know the slightly different procedure at gate arrival? 

A good trigger to remind you to check it, is when you turn off the nose gear taxi light entering the ramp, look for the pressure.

A320/321 Oil Quantity

Do you find it difficult to remember the different oil quantities required for dispatch?

11 + 1/3 qt per hour, NEO 14, 16.5 if less than -30c, etc.

A good little gouge is 17.  If you have 17, you have all the 320 series covered.  If less than 17, then put on the thinking cap for a minute and figure out what you need.

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