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    (AERODATA 1.8.7)  (FD Pro X 4.2.1)  (Comply365 4.2.3)  (IOS 13.6.0)  (Intell Hub 20.05.1)  (AQD 2.4.10)  (WSI 2019.2.2)  (JETCRW 1.7.5)  (HOT 2.0.3)  Portable GPS - Garmin GLO, Bad Elf 2200/2300

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Your FOM, FCOM, NOTAMS, etc - Always have priority over BlueBrief info.

A Few Reminders from Flt Standards

Battery Voltage
As aircraft are parked, even short term, battery voltage can trickle down.  During the POWERUP CHECKLIST, if the aircraft has not been electrically supplied for 6 hours or more,  you may find the battery voltage less than 25.5 Volts.  In this case, you should apply external power for 20 minutes, with the battery push buttons in the AUTO position.
A helpful reminder, like setting the CHRONO, may help guide you toward rechecking the battery voltage later in your setup. The battery voltage check is completed with the batteries in the off position so the voltage can be checked without a charge or a load.

ATC Transponder 1 / 2

The new SOP is to select the transponder associated with the autopilot in use for that flight. So simply, #1 for the Capt  leg, and #2 for the FO leg.  This will align our SOP with Airbus for RVSM and to prepare for ETOPS.


Remember that when selecting an RNP approach, you must select the approach and the appropriate via fix from the database, if applicable.  Manually loading a portion of the procedure may result in an incorrect flight path (e.g. improper flying of an RF leg). 

--- Proficiency ---

As our schedule is slow right now, keep in mind your level of proficiency can suffer slightly as well.  That is normal, and expected.  This is the reason we have flows, checklists and SOPs.

Remember to take things slow, and double check whatever you do.

Give your logbook and MELs a second look to be sure everything is correct.

Feel free to contact me with any other topics you would like to see discussed here on BlueBrief.

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