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    (AERODATA 1.8.2)     (FD Pro X 4.1.0)     (Comply365 4.0.5)     (IOS 12.4)    (Intell Hub 19.04)    (AQD 2.4.7)    (WSI 2019.1.1)     (JETCRW 1.7.3)  Portable GPS - Garmin GLO, Bad Elf 2200/2300

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Jepp FDPro Fleet Enroute Data Setting

Have you seen the selector tool in your Jepp App settings for A320, A321, and ERJ-190 ?

Have you ever wondered what that really does ?

One of the main advantages for us is that we can once again see that we are within 1 hour from an "Adequate" airport.  Remember the IRAT Tool?

This distance varies with aircraft type.

A320 - 420nm
A321 - 404nm
E190 - 375nm

By default, the dep and dest airports will have 1 hour circles, but you can add additional circles by adding the ETP airports in the alternate box just below the normal routing.

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