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This week, here is a topic less technical

So a LEO just handed you their form while boarding, and as usual, you look at the colors to see which copies you should keep or give to the customer.

Their bottom copy is called "GoldenRod", and you are then thinking, what the heck is "GoldenRod ?

Most color names that are commercially used were designed by the Craylola Company, which has been in business since 1902.

This color was named after the GoldenRod plant.

In late 1957 Crayola created this Crayon color that would soon be added as a new color option, but only for the boxes of 64 Crayons ... you know ... the one with the "Built-In Sharpener".

The GoldenRod Crayon was easy to find, because it was the one that always looked new, never needed sharpening, because you never used it.

The sad news was that most kids never used GoldenRod, and it would always end up on the top row, in one of the corners so it could make room for the more popular colors, like Red, Green and Blue.

So I hope then next time you tear off the top "White" copy and hand it to the Gate Agent/AO if they have not already removed it,  and hand the bottom copy to the customer, you will now have a little more appreciation for "GoldenRod".

We'll talk about the "Canary" copy another day.

Remember, Chapter 9 of the FOM is a quick and easy way to find all the info you may need on most required Reports and Forms.


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