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Your FOM, FCOM, NOTAMS, etc - Always have priority over BlueBrief info.

   I'm honored to have the next database update on my birthday.  :)

Reminders from Flight Standards:


If you have an MEL on your dispatched aircraft, be sure if it is a Dispatch Concur item it is added to, or removed from your release as needed.

Also, be sure you fully understand the MEL and how it will affect your flight.

Some MELs appear simple until you read it, and find there is more to it than you expected.

For Example: An A321 a Center Tank Transfer Valve can only be MEL'd closed if fuel in present in the tank. Double check that it is closed.  If the valve failed open, you can get into a severe out of balance condition as well as a fuel over flow situation very quickly.


Please do not update to IOS 13.x

until advised. 

This is a MAJOR update with many changes,
and issues are being resolved.


Feel free to contact me with any other topics you would like to see discussed here on BlueBrief.

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Safari on the iPad seems to work just fine.

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