(AERODATA 1.8.4)  (FD Pro X 4.1.0)  (Comply365 4.0.5)  (IOS 12.4)  (Intell Hub 19.04)  (AQD 2.4.7)  (WSI 2019.1.1)  (JETCRW 1.7.3)  (HOT 2.0.0)  Portable GPS - Garmin GLO, Bad Elf 2200/2300

24 Hour Forecast

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         AERODATA Central Load Control

CLC will begin late night on Oct 28th, probably on a PHX or west Coast RedEye flight.

Watch for an Info Notice for the exact flights.

Remember, Data Entry & Perf Uplink is primarily the job of the First Officer

The TakeOff Conditions page should be completed early in the cockpit setup process just after completing the ACARS INIT page.

Afterwards, SEND from the T/O Conditions Page.

Next you will see "TakeOff Conditions Accepted" or if there was an error, you will get a blank TakeOff Report, just like today.

For additional information click the red CLC Review button to the left or visit the Training Menu in Comply365.

Fall 2019 > New Knowledge.


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48 Hour Forecast

12 Hour Forecast

36 Hour Forecast