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​The following is NOT an announcement from Flight Standards, but rather an important point I try to make with my OE Trainees.  Your FCOM 1 SOPs always have priority

​​​​​​"Managed Climbs & Descents"

As more and more "Climb Via", and "Descend Via" procedures are published, it's important to constantly consider and evaluate what vertical mode you are currently in.

These terms refer to the the A32x series, but the basic idea applies to any fleet type. 

It's usually best to let Managed Descent or Climb be the default mode, and choose another mode if needed.  

Whenever you are on a course or direct to a fix, try to get back to managed as soon as possible.

Train your hand to PUSH MANAGED ALT when it becomes available.

After a runway heading departure, in HDG Mode, push Managed CLB as soon as you are cleared direct to a fix or have intercepted a course.

If you depart in NAV, your initial climb will be managed.  If given a heading for traffic or weather, it will revert to Op CLB, as you know.

As soon as you get a direct or course has been intercepted, PUSH to get back to managed climb.

This is critical for SIDS such as in LAS that have intermediate level offs, and then continue up to the TOP ALTITUDE after crossing a fix.

By doing this all the time, you will train yourself to always think more about the vertical requirements.

This technique may save you from a violation or traffic separation on that dark stormy night, during high cockpit task loading.

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I hope you find this information helpful. 

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