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Cabin Call Passive Chime Process

With the issuance of the FOM Info Notice, this close out process has changed.

The passive Inflight cabin call to indicate that the cabin is secure prior to pushback has been discontinued.

Cabin compliance will be a continuing process during boarding. After boarding is complete, and the cabin is secure, the #1 Inflight Crewmember, will verbalize and then close the cockpit door to indicate the cabin is secure.

So the general process is:

1- AO, Closeout Form - "Are we Ready to GO?"
2- Capt - "We're Ready to Go"
3- InFlt #1 - "Cabin is Secure"

4- Capt "We're Ready to Go"           

5- Cockpit Door Closes, Cabin Door Closes
6- Cargo Doors Closed / Exits Armed
7- B4 Start Checklist - Below the Line
8- Beacon ON

9- GO Calls
10- "OK to Push" - ACARS Msg
            7- Call to Push
            8- Parking Brake Released ...

Minimum / Emer  Landing Fuel

Due to multiple fleet types with a variety of fuel burns Min / Emer landing fuel will now be time based.

Min = :45       Emer = :30

During the Airbus DIAFRIPS setup, be sure /:45 minutes is displayed in the FINAL FUEL field.

It is no longer required to enter 4.5/5.9

Remember you can always declare Min or Emer fuel with ATC prior to these values.

Central Load Control

Due to additional issues that were discovered during testing, it has been decided to delay CLC until after the summer peak travel period is complete.

Airbus Aft Rack Test
Made Easy

There continues to be a little confusion on the Aft Rack Test.  Here is a quick gouge to help you remember the process.

Hint: Use one finger.  First we test it while off to check the circuitry, much like the ENG/APU fire tests.  Then we turn it back on and test again, to see if it really works, then we reset the system.

Note I have labeled the buttons above 1,2,3

Button Pushing order:


1-1 (Slowly)

Optional Expanded Explanation

The first step turns off the system, and checks the circuitry.  After pressing TEST, you should see OFF/Smoke/Test/Cutout illuminated, the beep should sound, and stop when TEST is released.

The second step is to turn the system back on, press TEST, release, and the beep should continue, and all buttons illuminate as described above. Press CUTOUT.  This simulates an actual smoke event. The beeper latches on, you have to manually cancel it.

The final step is to reset the system by turning it off, wait maybe 5-10 seconds, then back on. Verify all buttons are dark, meaning it is now in the original ready state.

Over time this panel will be removed, as the components in the Aft Rack are moved to the normal avionics bay below the cockpit.

I hope you find this info helpful.


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