48 Hour Forecast

    (AERODATA 1.8.6)  (FD Pro X 4.2.1)  (Comply365 4.2.1)  (IOS 13.3.1)  (Intell Hub 19.11)  (AQD 2.4.10)  (WSI 2019.2.2)  (JETCRW 1.7.3)  (HOT 2.0.3)  Portable GPS - Garmin GLO, Bad Elf 2200/2300

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--- Distractions ---

During these disruptive days, it is easy to get distracted from your duties.

Captains, you might consider including in your crew brief, a quick word or two about distractions. 

These are the times when we can blow an emergency exit slide, pull in to the wrong gate, release the parking brake prior to the OK TO PUSH, or slow and config too late resulting in an unstable condition at 1000'.

Remember to take things slow, and double check whatever you do.

Help those around you, and welcome any assistance they can offer you.

New O2 Mask Rule !!

The long awaited O2 mask rule that was initially targeted for October 2019 is now in affect.

On the Airbus fleet, there is one item to be careful about due to the long length of the O2 mask door.

Be sure all suitcases, lunch coolers, bags of water, jumpseater baggage, etc is clear of the full length of the door.


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