Cleaning up the Aerodata Process

The following is a little wordy, but a good read I believe.

As we all fly with different people each week, we see different techniques to accomplish the SOPs.   AERODATA is one in which we have been given the ability to apply a variety of ways of getting it done.

The FCOM does suggest that the FO does all the entries and button pushing, and the Capt / FO both verify the entries and results.

When both the Capt and FO are entering data, untrapped errors can and do occur.

The Captain should manage and direct the process, but let the FO actually push the buttons.

Here is a suggestion to try which is from the FCOM:

Captains ... let the FO enter all the Takeoff Conditions, and Load Sheet Data and you verify it before it is SENT.  When the results are returned let the FO PRINT it, and both of you verify it. Remember to Validate it by check the Tail #, Flight number, Wx, Pax and Bag numbers. Then go down to the ZFW, V Speeds, etc.

The FO should also complete the PERF UPLINK as well. (Airbus Crews)

Captains ... Remember, once the doors are "Closed and Armed" you can call for "Below the Line, and turn on the Beacon.  Then, when you get the "OK to Push and the Cabin Call", you can push.  The FO can then finish the AERODATA process during the push back, but before start.  This is a great time when the FO has about a minute of low stress, and can properly verify everything.

Naturally, as always, if the process can be completed at the gate without delaying the pushback, that is just fine.

Include this in the PAIRING BRIEF to head off any confusion.  ..... give it a try.

Sorry for the long winded explanation.

Thanks for your time


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