48 Hour Forecast

12 Hour Forecast

(AERODATA 1.5.1)       (JeppFD 2.7.2)     (MyMobile365 2.7.2)      (IOS 9.3.5)      (Airwatch 5.3)      (AQD 2.3.1)       (WSI 2.10.3)      (JETCRW 1.2.0)

36 Hour Forecast

24 Hour Forecast


Altitude Awareness Reminder

Whoever sets in a new Altitude, Points and verbalizes the new assigned altitude.

The other pilot, then points and verbally confirms, after a short delay.

This should be a true Challenge and Response.

The 10,000' Callout, is a Pilot Flying Callout, and is not repeated by the Pilot Monitoring.

BlueBrief on Mobile

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Safari on the iPad seems to work just fine.

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