CPDLC Quick Review

Here is a brief CPDLC overview:

This is unofficial data, for general information only !!

Disclaimer:  This info is just a quick review, and does not replace the
JetBlue Flt Standards provided training.

For more detailed information please refer to FCOM II, Chapter 20.

(Preflight Operations)

From the pilot point of view, CDPLC preflight operations currently is not much different than getting your clearance via PDC.  Basically, you will finish your normal cockpit set up, align the IRs, clear out old CPDLC messages, then tell ATC who you are, that you are CPDLC equipped, and you are ready for your clearance when it is available.

Everything starts with the [ATC COMM] button.

Here is the quick button pushing gouge for departing JFK:

To get your clearance at the gate:

ATC COMM, 4L, 5L, 5L, 6L, 5L, 1L (Enter KUSA on 2L, then click Notify)

When the clearance is sent back, read all pages, Roger/Wilco, Send, Print, Close.

If going over water and once airborne but prior to Oceanic Airspace…

ATC COMM, 5L, 1L, KZWY on 2L, Notify on right side.

Look for an
ACTIVE ATC : KZWY CTR and ADS-C Connected on the little DU screen.


Here is the long version:

ATC COMM – Press

4L – Messages

5L, 5L – Clear and Confirm the deleting of old messages.

6L – Return to Prior Page

5L – Connection

1L – Notification

2L – Enter KUSA 

Click  Notify on right side

The DU display will indicate that ATC has been notified.  Your clearance will be sent when it is available.  You can do the notification at any time.  No need to wait until :30 prior to departure as you would do with PDC.


(ATC Clearance is Ready)

When your clearance is ready [ATC MSG] will blink.

ATC MSG – Press to Cancel

DU –    Clearance will be displayed – Use [PGE + ] to view all pages.
          After viewing last page, press WILCO/ROGER, SEND – If you accept, or
          STBY, SEND if you need more time to review it.
          STBY, should always eventually be followed by ROGER/WILCO or UNABLE.



          Remember if *LOAD is displayed, this is a hint that there is a Route Change.
          This can occur initially, or during Taxi.

          Press  STBY - SEND
                    SEC F-PLAN, Copy Active, *LOAD, (Decide if route is acceptable or not.)

                    Remember you can do some "What If" planning in the secondary.
                    ROGER/WILCO or UNABLE --- SEND

                    Activate Secondary if Flt Plan was acceptable.

                    Sometimes it is easier to just manually enter the change. 
                    That is based on pilot preference.


(Getting the Oceanic Clearance)

Login after leaving 10,000 but prior to :15 before entering Oceanic Airspace)

Press –    ATC COMM

              5L – Connection

              1L – Notification

              2L – KZWY (Or other identifier as indicated on the JeppFD Enroute Chart.)

              Notify on right side

THE DU will soon display: 
ACTIVE ATC : KZWY CTR and ADS-C Connected (1)

ADS-C will do all the position reports.

CPDLC will allow 2 way communications with ATC.

IF CPDLC is not connected, only the ADS-C Connection will be displayed.
   -- In this case, position reports will still transmit, but ATC cannot contact you.
   -- Be sure you are on an active HF Freq and you have a SELCAL Check.
   -- Always ask yourself if ATC or Dispatch can contact you at all times.

Get a Backup HF Freq.

Complete a SELCAL check on that Freq.

Advise ATC while still on VHF you are CPDLC and ADS-C Equipped.

They may still hand you off to AIRINC.

Monitor your DU display. 

It should show an ATC CPDLC connection as well as ADS-C.


(Weather Deviations and Climb / Descent Requests)

Pretty Straight forward:

Remember to always complete the digital conversation with ATC.

Deviate with a left or right offset if possible, by varying the intercept angle.
This will keep the crossing times accurate for the ADS-C position reports.
Remember -  All fixes are reported, not just compulsory.

Press – ATC COMM

1L – Lateral Request

1R -Vertical Request



Just prior to entering the arrival FIR boundary, you will get a CPDLC message to contact the proper facility on a specific VHF freq.

The remainder of the flight is via normal procedures.


    (AERODATA 2.0.2)  (FD Pro X 4.4.0)  (Comply365 5.1.7)  (IOS 14.6.0)  (Intel Hub 21.05.1)  (JEMS 3.0.11)  (WSI 2021.1)  (JETCRW 1.7.5)  (HOTs 2.1.7)  (Skypath 3.3.2)  Garmin GLO, Bad Elf 2200/2300