CLC (Central Load Control – Quick Guide)

Please refer to the
Fall 2019 > New Knowledge QDL for more detailed information or Info Notice 2019-F016TR.

This is only a quick guide to help you understand the basics.
There is very little change to what we are doing now. (3 Main Changes)

#1 - Send T/O Conditions NOW, #2 - Bags / Customers are entered for you, #3 - CLC Handles "Hold for Numbers issues"

Quick Guide

1 -  ENTER TO CONDITIONS (Early) – * SEND (Update and resend as needed)
                                                       (Do not send from or enter anything on the LOAD SHEET page)

2 – ACARS Msg – TO COND ACCEPTED, or BLANK TO DATA with Errors in Remarks.

                       (After Flight is Closed out, and Bag Loading Complete)

3 -  ACARS Msg - OK to PUSH – Followed by TO DATA
                       - HOLD FOR NUMBERS – Followed by TO DATA after issue resolved

4 - Print TO DATA, Validate and verify as usual, Perf Uplink (Airbus) – DONE

5 – RWY Change – Update TO Conditions Page – Resend

6 – ACARS Msg – “W&B Error – DO NOT TAKEOFF” – Just wait for new numbers.
                                                                         - This means either Disp, AO or GO is making a change or update.
                                                                         - Enter and Verify your new numbers, then you are good to go.



Expanded Quide

The TAKEOFF Conditions should be sent early in the cockpit setup process.
 - It is preferable to let the FO do this, and all AERODATA “Button Pushing”, or the PF may send during setup.
 - If you forget, there are no longer AO or GO triggers to remind you.
 - Be sure someone is assigned to this task. Do not wait until the flight is closing out .. SEND IT NOW !!
 - This will catch errors early as well, such as RWY NOTAMS, etc.
 - SEND ONLY FROM TO COND PAGE----- Ver #, Release FOB/Current FOB, RWYs, Surface Condition, Thrust, W/S, etc.
 - It can be sent again later if Fuel, RWY or Ver # changes.
 - “ TO COND ACCEPTED ” message will be returned if values are acceptable.
 - If TO CONDITIONS are not accepted, such as incorrect version #, invalid runway
   or fuel out of the normal range, you will get a blank “TO DATA AVAILABLE”
   ACARS msg with the error explained in the remarks section.  Just read the error,
   correct your TO CONDITIONS, and resend.  Same as we have already been doing.

We know this is a little confusing, but this is the only way CLC/AERODATA can send an error message at the moment.  This will be improved at a later date.


After the gate agent closes out the flight and ground ops closes out bag scanning, AERODATA will send you the “OK to PUSH”, followed by the Takeoff Data just like it has happened for the past 2 years.

If you get “HOLD FOR NUMBERS”, load planners will see that message and resolve the issue for you.  You do not need to call dispatch. After it is resolved, you will be sent the Takeoff Data, which also now serves as your “OK TO PUSH”.

Remember, you do not have to wait for the OK TO PUSH to complete the “Below the Line” portion of the checklist.

If you get a runway change, just edit the TAKEOFF CONDITIONS  PAGE in AERODATA, and resend.  Updated numbers will quickly be returned, as they always have.



(Note – Do this First – (((Settings – SAFARI – Pop Up Blocker OFF)))

If you want to see the process working in the background, you can view it thru FLIGHT LOAD MONITOR. (HelloJetBlue – TOOLS – FLIGHT LOAD MONITOR)

The city defaults to your current crewbase.  You can change the departure city using the gray down arrow in a circle (Upper right of screen), and entering the airport in the short white box.

Find your flight number, or search in the long white box.

Tap the + (Plus Symbol)

There are a variety of buttons at the top to view different passenger count or bin load operations.

OVERVIEW shows all 4 of the required processes that must be completed before a TAKEOFF DATA result can be sent.

GATE  -------   Shows the customer boarding and closeout.
RAMP  -------  Shows the Bin Load Process.

REPORTS ---- You can view online what ACARS messages were sent to you.

You can have the page displayed on your iPad and it will auto-refresh as the process moves along.  If your data is late,  you can easily see what the issue is.

There is a countdown to departure time displayed, as well as the “OUT TIME”.

Caution / HINT – The OUT TIME should ALWAYS be after the AO & GO closeouts, as well as the OK TO PUSH.  Everything has a time stamp, and is easily compared.

So – Per SOP – Do not release the parking brake until you have all the requirements met.

There is no requirement to view this page, but some pilots may find it helpful or interesting.

For this page to work properly, you must access it thru HELLOJETBLUE.  A saved link will not properly let you login.



CLC (Central Load Control)

    (AERODATA 2.0.2)  (FD Pro X 4.4.0)  (Comply365 5.1.7)  (IOS 14.6.0)  (Intel Hub 21.05.1)  (JEMS 3.0.11)  (WSI 2021.1)  (JETCRW 1.7.5)  (HOTs 2.1.7)  (Skypath 3.3.2)  Garmin GLO, Bad Elf 2200/2300